Calling all Alumni players!! We want you to get in touch with either Coach Haddan or Coach Rocamora by emailing Coach Haddan at  or calling/texting him at 831-595-9318 or Coach Roc on Facebook or   Be sure to leave us your email address so you don't miss anything going on. Visit this site often and come to a game and cheer on this years team. DON'T BE LEFT OUT, GET INTO THE GAME AS WE GO FOR A 2020 LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP AND CCS PLAYOFFS ONCE AGAIN!!!!

If you would like to donate to the Boys Basketball program that you were a part of you can by clicking on the donate button below and then put amount in and anything you want us to mention on the site such as your name. All proceeds will be used to buy equipment, uniforms, or pay for tournaments and summer camps for players. We are currently trying to raise funds for a vertimax machine for training.

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