Our fall schedule for 2019 workouts will be coming out in August. Open gyms, tutoring, morning shooting, weight room workouts, and classroom basketball studies. All of this will start in September. In the mean time, enjoy the rest of your summer as school starts August 9th. Once school starts get a good start, hit the books to get the grades!! 

Go to Our website www.eahsbasketball.com and check out the site, go to the fall schedule tab to see the same information as below:

Things to get done to be cleared to start tryouts on Monday November 4th

You must be on www.athleticclearance.com so create an account if you are a freshman. If you are a sophomore, junior, or senior you just need to change the year over to 2019-20 to start the process of updating your clearance. 

Things that you need for athleticclearance.com   is an updated physical. All physicals are good for one year from the time that you got it. So plan accordingly. Don’t wait until late October to have a parent call your family doctor as you might not get in for 3-4 weeks as doctors are busy and as I said, we won’t wait for you, BE READY TO GO ON NOV 4th. You can get a fast physical at two different places. One is our winter physical night at Alvarez TBA but sometime in later October. You can also go to Cater Chiropractic at 1211 N. Main Street. Call ahead and make an appointment at 449-2225 to get a physical and be sure to take our physical form. Once your physical is done you can upload it  by taking a camera picture and going to the part on physicals and upload it. 

  1. For Freshman or anyone new to playing sports you will need an impact test and you can go there www.impacttestonline.com/testing and use code BDWRR4Z8BC and select Everett Alvarez and then click on “Launch Baseline test” follow the directions from there. Once you are done you need to email the results back to yourself. The school will automatically get your results. You are done.

  1. Drug and Sportsmanship contract is now good for your entire high school career which means you only have to do it once. Again Freshman, you need one and here are dates for them 10/22 @ EAHS, 10/23 @ AHS, 10/24 @NSHS, 10/29@ SHS, and 10/30 @ RSJHS

  1. The last thing to do is to have the blue card filled out and to go by to see Dave Bollin in ASB and pay the $50 transportation fee that is good for any spring sport you do too. He will sign that you paid it and then go to the textbook clerk in the library and have them sign the blue card that you don’t owe them any fees. Once that is signed by both of them you are ready to turn it into either the athletic office, Ms. Geri Kau in the main office, or give it to me Coach Haddan, or Coach Makanani, or Coach Fernando. 

  2. Congratulations, you should have a green checkmark in athleticclearance.com that Coach Haddan can verify that you are cleared to tryout November 4th. 

Coaches Phone numbers

  1. Coach Mark Haddan  831-595-9318, Coach Tim Makanani 831-262-8915, Coach Mars Rocamora 831-594-9296, Coach Art Fernando 831-235-2018, 

Coach Robert Rodriguez 831-596-8769