Our fireworks booth at the Foodsco shopping center proved to be a great success as July 3rd and 4th were very busy. Thank you's to all who came and bought the best fireworks, "Phantom", and to all of our loyal parents and players who volunteered and worked the booth. If you didn't get a chance to volunteer, no worries, we will have other opportunities such as the Mall Giftwrap and several others. Get out and help your coaches Art Fernando, Tim Makanani, Robert Rodriguez, Mars Rocamora, and Mark Haddan as they try to elevate our program to new highs this coming year.
Our first fundraiser is a shootathon. You can sponsor an athlete for the shootathon going on in the gym by going to www.eagles.shootathon.com  Each player is trying to raise $100 to get their spirit pack.
The spirit packs for 2019-20 below:
Varsity Spirit pack
Frosh Rookie Spirit Pack
JV Veteran Spirit Pack: 

All sales help to fund EAHS Basketball for purchasing equipment, new uniforms, paying for tournaments and helping our players earn their spirit pack. 

 We are fundraising by doing parking at the California Airshow in Salinas on March 13/14 2019 as the Blue Angels are back in town. We also have our usual Fireworks Booth in late June to July 4th.  We are using these funds for our team to go to the Sheldon Tournament  next June and summer camps and leagues our players attend throughout the summer. Please help us out with any donation you can give or if you would like to help with the events it would be appreciated.

Our players are looking to pay for their spirit pack. They are raising funds on January 12th at Alvarez H/S Big Gym by shooting 100 free-throws. We are asking for sponsors for the shoot-a-thon. If you can sponsor a player for $100, Coach Haddan can meet with you to arrange for your donation or come out on Saturday January 12th 8-12 in the big gym to watch players shoot, or you can go to our website www.eagles.shootathon.com. All donations will receive a thank you letter with tax donation information.