Although we are currently not working with the Mazda Raceway, we thank them for the opportunity they gave us and the help they gave us in buying our shooting machine.

Brandon Leonard  giving a dance show for the long line of cars waiting to get into the Rolex race last August!!

 Craig Day checking out the long line of cars, helping to direct them.

Alex, Jacki, and Ediberto working oh so hard!! 

The Ceja clan came out in force


Hi Arlie, happy scanning

Gilbert Ceja checking and then scanning tickets, good job!! 

 Yesenia Nolasco, Cenia Camacho, and Alex Perez all having fun at South Boundary Rd. below:

 Ivan Resendiz getting a little sun while the gate is not busy, its not always hot, sometimes foggy and cold.

Arly and Yesenia  working real hard scanning tickets on a busy day!

I didn't do it,  says Yesenia

Danny Rocamora directing all of that traffic, watch out for that bus Danny!! 

A big thanks to Kristen Leonard as she and Brandon worked almost every race with us, I couldn't have done it without you!!! Coach