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Check out our cool things that you can buy! We are adding things all the time. Sports memorabilia items are a small amount from our mother website at  check it out for football, baseball, and basketball memorabilia items. We have all kinds of memorabilia for each of the sports listed above. Go there now and check it out and our specials of the month. All items are shipped in the U.S for FREE.
We accept donations in any amount and use funds from donations and fundraising to pay for new equipment, buy uniforms, summer camps, tournament fees, and any other costs that come up for EAHS Eagles.

All items purchased will be shipped within 24 hours and a confirmation email will be sent to you with shipping information including tracking number. All donations will receive a letter acknowledging the donation for tax purposes.

We accept donations to the EAHS Basketball program at any time. Just hit the donate button below and then enter amount and a description if you want to single out that the donation is made in the name of one of our players today or from the past. Your donation will be recognized and if you need a donation letter for tax purposes, just let us know and we will send one. All donations will be used to purchase equipment, buy uniforms, or pay tournament fees.